It was Valentine’s Day?

Yeah, I posed the question because beyond my flashbacks to my elementary school valentine’s boxes and the sore hand I got from addressing every envelope personally, coupled with the secret wish that David Cassidy was somewhere far away feeling a hole in his soul because I wasn’t quite old enough to fill it…that was pretty much it for my valentine’s day.  Now, granted I don’t succumb to all the commercial pressure….oh wait, Yes the Hell I do…all I got was a bag of popcorn.  Are you weeping for me?  Maybe I’m not clear enough with the men in my house.  Next year I’ll just have to wear a shirt that says “Yes, I may be shallow but I do want presents for Valentine’s Day.”   I’m not trying to reap what I haven’t sown here…my children each got a box of chocolates on their pillow…Steve got a sit to stand desk…totally cool, and you can see above. (granted not that Valentinesy…but a present nonetheless).  I will go for all the cheap consumerism…cards, flowers, candy and most importantly MAKE ME FEEL SPECIAL.  I know I am a philosophical conundrum…but on this day I am the girliest of girls.  I wear pink.  I watched the lifetime channel.  I even drank white zinfandel…in a pity pool of my own making because I should know by now in this heap of testosterone that the big V day is just not a big deal to them, even though it is to me.  And while my rantings may be shallow, I do remember those who are alone and sad and send love to them as well.

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