So, this is the big Birkebeiner cross country ski race weekend, and Steve is doing his 20th consecutive race…kudos to him!  My boys will also be gone overnight as well for a church function which means I WILL BE MANLESS FOR 36 hours!!!!!  The joys of a clean house, quiet music, books…and control over the remote are simply cherries on top of the fact that I don’t have to cook or respond to “MOOOOMMMM” for a great stretch of time.  The thought of being in my house and not having to say a solitary word is pure luxury.  No one will be there to storm in while I’m doing my business and demand they get their computer time, and I can take a bath without a certain someone leaning on the door in a “How you doin” kind of way.  I am relishing being by myself in a way that my younger self would have been horrified at.  Stupid girl.  She didn’t know how good she had it!

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