New Doo

Sometimes its exhausting being me.  Mostly because I think too much.  So I got a new doo.  Here is a picture of it.  I guess I like it ok, except for the fact that it hasn’t been this short in 10 years and it does take getting used to.  My sons think it fits my age i.e. I look more like a mom, my husband loves it and shares more and more how much he hated my long hair…which I loved, personally, except it just wasn’t working for me anymore.  I stopped thinking about the world and our problems for a minute.  My haircut is simple and easy, like I wish life would be.  I wish hard work always resulted in fair compensation that a family could live on, I wish people would show greater respect to all those who have accepted the charge to build this country and recognize that change won’t happen over night or in a vacuum , I wish people wouldn’t be so afraid of challenges and change, I wish people could marry who they love, and I wish people would stop equating being a better American and being religious in the same sentence…last time I read my bible it didn’t limit the Kingdom of God to any particular political agenda.  Most importantly, I would like people to remember that motto of the United States was E. Pluribus Unum meaning out of Many, One…indicating that compromise is a strong aspect of leadership.  I think all of us can use something new every once in a while, it keeps life interesting and it is amazing how people begin to see someone  in a new light.

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