Finally, my chair

So, after 3 years of answering “What do you want for your birthday? and What do you want for Christmas?” with these exact words…”I want an over-sized chair in our bedroom, to read in and watch TV”…the chair finally arrived, more in response to someone making a major purchase without consulting someone else, and the addition of yet another kitchen item which in any other world would be a nice gesture, except in mine…when I answered I want said chair, I also amended it with…and please no more kitchen items!!!  So for three years this little song and dance was slowly adding to my insanity and I decided that we were going to get my chair.  And isn’t it beautiful!!! I won’t even tell you that it was a sure gift from God that this exact chair I was looking for was ridiculously low-priced and Heaven opened up and the angels sang the Hallelujah chorus, never mind that it was in my head…it was meant to be.  So, unlike in years past when I highlight this season of light and wonder, I am reduced to the child I once was that finally got what she asked for, for Christmas.  Losing my decorations and a new kitchen item threw me over the edge.  Perhaps now, I can focus, with tarnished halo and admittedly embarrassed, on the more altruistic aspects of the season.

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