So, last week when I went to pull out all the decorations for the Holiday….beyond the Christmas tree ornaments and a few that I had to put in a back cupboard, there were no decorations to be found…SERIOUSLY!  It turns out last summer in a cleaning frenzy, my husband threw them away.  Mind you, he never looked in the bags and boxes they were in…he just didn’t like them in the front closet so he tossed them…without looking  Again, let me repeat, WITHOUT LOOKING IN THE BAGS…without asking me to check them, or move them he just threw them.  Now, I don’t have crappy decorations.  I admit I’m a snob, a decorations diva as it were.  I had Pottery Barn crystal strands, glittery candles and all sorts of sparkly things and garland from Pier One that I have purchased in after the season sales.  And all the lights.  The pretty ice and blue LED lights..how I love them…and now they’re gone.  I didn’t blow up, well yes I did…but it was a controlled explosion because I didn’t want to stress out my facial nerve since I just finally got my face back.  So I had to use the back up plan and put out the Dickens Village pieces my mother has given me for years.  It is lovely, but it takes forever to put up, and I have to crawl around up high on top of our fireplace mantel…so I haven’t put it up in years.   So I breathed.  Then I breathed some more and went shopping before the end of the season sale.  And now my house looks lovely.

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