These a just a few good friends that I had the opportunity to celebrate with at our annual holiday party.   I included this picture primarily because I promised an “after” bells palsy picture and since I hate getting my picture taken I keep putting it off, so  this one will have to do.  It is with the greatest sincerity that I appreciated our gathering so much more than in past years because of the challenges that I faced with this blasted virus.  Regardless of the trials that I’ve faced this year, there is consistency and unwavering support from the people that are in my life, and that is the best gift of the season.  When challenges tempt each of us into tunnel vision, it is those relationships that force me to expand my perception and see that the world is much brighter than it may feel at any given moment.  That is my light of the season, that no challenge will alter the love and support of family and friends.  I am on  the mend and grateful for these opportunities to celebrate.

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