What if God were one of Us

What if God the Father took a vacation day from his heavenly realm to enter our time restricted limited dimensional experience and incarnate and hang out with his human children for a day.  Would he feel encouraged or discouraged by the movement we’ve made up the evolutionary scale…especially aided by the great gift of his son.    I can’t help but think He would be horrified.  And I think if he made a moment to share a gluten-free lunch with me, I would spend much of the conversation extending my deepest apologies, and like Abraham did in defense of Sodom and Gomorrah, try to convince him not to torch the place and start over. 

In a week of unsurpassed frustration…mostly as a result of witnessing a full circle of choices made resulting in different levels of tragedy.  Of course there are those on a national level…like Congressman Weiner’s obsession with publicizing his own virility, who don’t garner my immediate sympathy except that it was SOOOOO stupid that it borders on insanity that I do pause and feel a bit of pity for how he imploded a potentially great career.  It is more those smaller situations when, given all the information we have access to avoid a tragedy or complication, people choose to ignore common sense  or insight and make bad choices anyway especially when it is obvious what the end result will be.  In my own life, it was drummed into me from an early age that we all ultimately pay the piper for how we choose to live our lives.  Do people really not get that?  And while I don’t want to be turned into a pillar of salt from someone else’s stupidity, I’m aware that we certainly don’t live in a vacuum either.  There is culpability all over the place  

I also understand that God won’t be complicit in our human tragedies, because of free will and all, but I do wonder if we,( which for me would be Christianity) ever really had a kernel of understanding of the wisdom shared down through the ages in so many different ways.  I know he spoke about those that have eyes to see and ears to hear are blessed, but I see more and more hatred in the Christian Church these days and it saddens me to my very core.  So many people that claim to be Christian are spending more time restricting who is worthy of the love of God and not enough time opening their arms and hearts to those crying out to be loved.  The emphasis is more on knowing scripture than living it.  Love is infinite and doesn’t have to be justified…ever, it is so beyond our comprehension who are we to limit it?  So I think God would spend his time, not with those righteous followers, but those in need of his love…especially those who knew better but made bad choices anyway.  He would spend little time talking and lecturing and clarifying rules, but hang out with those who who desire to do His will, and would honor the desire to love fully and fail more than trying to be perfect.

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