Without Propriety

I’m seeing a growing trend in today’s society and I don’t really like it.  As much as we advance technologically, we seem to be in a steady decline when it comes to propriety.  I am tired of foul language…even the abbreviated “texted” kind.  I’m tired of the rush of embarrassment that I feel whenever I come face to face with a woman dressed in too little with too much exposed.  I’m tired of the kind of rude behavior that would even raise a sailor’s eyebrows.  What good is technological advancement without a correlating advancement in culture and human behavior?  I do get befuddled once in awhile at my reaction to certain things, like the depression I feel after having to make a Wal-mart run.  Poverty isn’t an excuse either, there is no distinction between the classes when it comes to rudeness or the amount of unseemly flesh I’m forced to witness.   What is sad, is that a sense of propriety shouldn’t be forced…it is something that this advanced society should have continually developed naturally.  Civility shouldn’t be associated with all things antiquated….but should be the natural expression of a country that deserves to be ranked as a leader of nations.  On a smaller scale, I do feel like I’m like losing the battle at home too.  I hate the language that transpires between my teenage sons and I.  Of course it would be easy for them to just do what I tell them to without argument and say thank-you, but I think the power struggle is a natural part of growth.  I just want it to be less vulgar.  Where are the manners that I taught them when they were little?  I do hope that when their frontal lobes begin firing again they will remember the requirements of living in a civilized society.  As for the rest of the world….I will have to think on that one.

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