I hear this phrase all the time,  “I would love to…”  It acts as a preface to the most irritating word in my personal lexicon…”but”   I would love to but I…and because the synapses in my brain have created a defense mechanism to protect my cosmic optimism, my ears start to ring and I can’t comprehend what comes after the but…  Personally I think we disrespect the word love by weighting it down with an excuse.  Love should be the reason that everything is possible.  As a  force greater than the wind, the tides and gravity what follows the word love should always be full of possibility and optimism, not just a platitude for really lacking the faith to move into the possible.  What more honest a phrase than, “I would really love to but I just don’t have the faith in myself that I could overcome the obstacles that may come.”  or to those who are just looking for a nice way to opt out of doing something they never wanted to in the first place…shame on you, that’s as bad as a hormonal boy saying “if you loved me you would”….  Say what you mean, and if it truly is something you’d love to do….never ever include it in the same sentence as the word “but.”

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