Acting as if….

I’ve been on a book buying moratorium lately as a means to curb over all spending  and to fend off having to build an even bigger library at our house than the one we have…and is now full.   Then I went to to check the details of a book and somehow clicked on editor’s choice for 2009, and nine books later I was checking out sheepishly.  I usually  justify myself by saying it could be an obsession with shoes or jewelry, and at least I am enhancing my mind…..this time, I simply said out loud to my husband that I was going to act as if the money will just come to cover my indulgence.  After the point and click and the order was complete, I continued on to a very hectic day and when it was done I was ready to collapse and watch my dancing show, and my husband asked me to go watch the town baseball team play….just for a little while.  Just as the word “NO” was about to roll off my tongue, I had an unusual change of heart and said I would go.  They had all these little raffles there to raise money for the volleyball team and guess who won a money prize…the exact amount of money that I had spent on books?  I had to admit, I got the shivers a bit afterwards and am tempted to “act as if” all the time now…which would most likely ruin that kind of cosmic momentum.  I did thank the universe for my little gift and now will relish every word…guilt free.

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