Dispassionately Yours

This is Coco, our cat.  This was also the back of our Christmas card.  The thing I love about this picture is the look on her face.  It says, “I’m so bored with you, if you must take may picture just get it over with because I have some very important stretching to do on that patch of sun over there.”  It is the look that I have been trying to master for a long time.  The look that says, “You actually want me to waste my time doing what?”  and then I would just sigh, look even more bored and walk away or start licking my hand.  I wish I were more dispassionate  like my cat because I am the one who gets cornered by the crazy person in the room that everyone else successfully avoided and I end up knowing way too much information about things I really want to know nothing about.   I know I’m an eye contact person, so if  I could just match the look in this picture then maybe I wouldn’t feel the need to shower off the lingering karma of these people.  A look can say so much more than words sometimes….

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