An Opportunity to Bear Fruit


Ever get sick of planning for vacation on the beach? Bored with new scenery and cultural experiences? Me neither. But! I do sometimes get frustrated with all the hustle and bustle of life, that my time is limited regarding giving back. Wouldn’t it be great to take a vacation and volunteer at the same time? Take a vacation…help save the world, one person at a time. That is the basis for an organization called “Global Volunteers” created by Bud Philbrook and Michelle Gran…(great family friends, they are truly remarkable people). The philosophy of service:, explains how they give opportunities to ordinary people to share their gifts and talents with others. Truly, this is the parable of the tithes laid manifest. If you’ve ever wondered what possibly you could do for the world, this is the perfect opportunity. My eldest brother John volunteered in Ireland:

I volunteered at the Glencree Center for Peace in 2005. The trip exceeded all my expectations. I met many wonderful people and learned so much about the peace process going on in the world. I would highly recommend it. During a weekend excursion to Northern Ireland, I was able to witness the British pull down all the fences and evacuate the troops from the borders. There was plenty of time for fun too, we had free time at night so we explored some of the local area around Glencree.  We also went to the beach and to a local fair as well as a few pubs. We met the Prime Minister of Canada who was there for a visit. The work included a lot of painting and fixing up in the old kitchen and did a few mosaics for the front lawn.

There are other reviews you can read for those who have served both in the United States and abroad: The exciting thing, is that you can give back to the world, if only for the length of time you would take for a vacation.

I am so excited for this year’s commitment of sharing stories of bearing fruit…there is so much exciting stuff to come! Happy New Year!

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