Putting Fear on Mute

helping-handThere is much tragedy in the world. I know it’s an understatement. So our best response is not one of fear and condemnation…those are the tools of the darkness. If we actually have faith in a God who holds us dear, then I think it is about time was ask that question that usually brings out shudders of irritation: What would Jesus do?

He would have anger, like wrecking havoc on the money lenders in the temple when they demonstrably turned his fathers house of prayer into a den of thieves. He would make his point yet never raise a hand to harm another human being.

He would tell the truth, that those who live by the sword, will perish by it.

He would chastise the hypocrites, who are more concerned of images than building the Kingdom of God.

He would demand that we don’t judge, for until we walk in another’s shoes, we can never really know another’s perspective or circumstance.

He would do to the least of his brothers and sisters all that he would want for himself.

Most importantly he would unleash the power of Love; it is a power that is more forceful than any weapon. It is more forceful because it demands that the person become the intrinsic and efficacious expression of all that our faith professes. Love unleashes the power of heaven and puts fear on mute…because they can’t exist in the same result. We can only choose one.

Don’t listen to fear, the world is still a good place where miracles happen everyday. Embrace the miracle, extend a hand, put the weapons away

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