A Witch’s T*t has Nothing up against this Wisconsin Winter….

cold in febI’m tired of talking about it…the freakishly low temps, the unbearable wind, the school closings, the car troubles, the black ice. My hands are cracked and bleeding people!  I want to get up my drive way without taking a running start!  I don’t want to get up in the middle of the night and go outside to clear out the air exchange pipe that fills up with snow and subsequently turns off the furnace.  Even my soft pink ear muffs and scarf and the cutesy tricks like throwing a hot cup of water into the air and watching it turn into snow will not make me smile.  The Uggs I used to love, I now HATE!!! I know I optimistically said that 2014’s focus was that the road was open…let me add an addendum to that idea: while the road may be open and unobstructed, let me walk that road with out 300 lbs of clothing, and the cilia in my nose freezing.

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