Climate Change

frozen eyelashesSince my small little hamlet sits smack dab in the center of the polar vortex, and the cilia in my nose has completely frozen off…there has been much irritation and frustration.  My household personally, has spent a fortune on our vehicles, from replacing batteries to other repairs due to the extreme cold.  I have always said it takes a hardly person to live here, and the weather will keep out the riffraff.  I think I just appreciate summer more, all two weeks of it.  I do, however, get really irritated when people assume that this extreme weather has nothing to do with humanity’s influence on the planet.  When I hear people mock, (like Donald Trump) those who believe in global warming, because it happens to be really cold out there, I want to scream….”DID YOU EVER GO TO SCIENCE CLASS?  OR STUDY NONLINEAR SYSTEMS?”  and then I realize that no, he probably didn’t.  Extreme cold can be a result of overall warming temperatures on the earth….please read this article, I found it most helpful:

Climate Change Might Just Be Driving the Historic Cold Snap

Be warm, and be careful out there

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