Love in the Time of Polarity

Polar-OppositesWhat do we do when you face another whose claim to truth is as definite and passionate as yours?  In this time of such great polarity about so many issues, from health care to gun control, how do we bridge the gap?  The first step for either polarity is to learn to see things a new way.  No matter how passionate the belief in one’s truth may be, each individual has only one set of eyes, one pair of shoes.  What would it take to step over the line, stand in another’s shoes and see things from another’s eyes?  Would our take on truth be different?  I think it would.  If our love of truth could be put ahead our love of being right, I think we would all walk a center line.  But right now, that isn’t the American way is it?  The American way is to never engage in civil debate, but pursue one-sided conversations, or passive-aggressively on the internet that are vitriolic in nature and usually sorely misinformed,  Even our news media is far less concerned with facts than pushing people farther and farther apart so that the middle isn’t even visible after a while.  What ever happened to facing our differences head on, and, like adults, work together to solve our problems?  Isn’t the nature of our Republic based on representation of all its citizens?

Truthfully?  There aren’t enough people on either side who want a solution…they just want to be right, and have the world be exactly as they see it.  I am disgusted by the despotic and disruptive actions of Congress, and I truly believe that they will end this great American experiment if ordinary people don’t step up and show them how it should be done.  I don’t think the members of our representative government have the necessary critical thinking skills to engage in civil, broad-based problem solving.  I guess that’s why I’ve been talking about Love so much.  It is the only power source strong enough to drive us to a middle ground.  Yet, I also understand that love has also been taken hostage by religious institutions that are more concerned with control than spreading the Gospel.  So claiming a faith as a champion of love doesn’t work for me anymore, you have to live it, allow it to be the source and force of every action.  That is the only way.  For now, I don’t care what your religion is, but I do care that you use it as a wedge to further your singular views.  Real love brings people together, like the body of Christ.  Hatred and fear do the opposite, remember that when you denigrate or berate another’s point of view, especially in the name of God and Country.

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