Finalis Lectiones…Francisci propheta esse

pope francisLesson Fifteen: Enjoying the Light

There are times when a prophet must take a moment on the journey and sit quietly and enjoy the warmth that the light brings. Breathe and allow your senses to take in the beauty of that clarity. The world holds an amazing ability to rejuvenate and inspire if you take the time to stop periodically and take it in. Afterwards, take a moment to give thanks express your gratitude. Simple as this gesture is, it is important in building stamina that is necessary to finish the journey.

Lesson Sixteen: You Must be Vigilant

You must continue to learn constantly. Once you become aware of a truth, it cannot end there. The process of uncovering is constant and continuous. What you think you know about a truth today only stands to change in the next moment. Be vigilant in utilizing as many sources as are presented to you. Truth takes on many dimensions that demand just as many perspectives. Never be afraid to see the many different sides of a truth. Pray for discernment to see with clarity and to broaden your understanding.

Lesson Seventeen: The Agony of Silence

There will be a time in your journey as a prophet, usually after a long period of effort, trial and error, and finally success at presenting a truth, when you feel the absence of a higher voice. As you mature in your role, this is necessary. Once a student leaves the classroom, the teacher may be present for a while, but a good one knows when to be silent and let the student make their own way. Embracing the agony of silence is essential in spreading the light of truth, the focus then continues to be on the light of truth as it travels from teacher to student until the student, in turn becomes a teacher. To know when one journey ends and another begins can cause sadness or joy. To choose joy means that you have faith that prophecy never ends.

Lesson Eighteen: We are All Connected

The downfall of most traditional religious systems is that they try to insulate their body of believers from the rest of the world. Inclusion to a group predicated by certain beliefs and axioms will not keep purity in their body of believers. Why? Because we are all of the same fabric. A true prophet is motivated by this simple truth: we are all one. To judge one as dispensable affects the whole. That is why Jesus said that a shepherd guards all the flock, not just those deemed worthy. As long is there is breath and life there is hope for all. A true prophet goes to where truth is in desperate need. What good is it if you preach only to those who have already aligned themselves to God?

Lesson Nineteen: Only so Much

As a true prophet and human being, we are given only as much as we can handle at a time. There is a reason the prophets of the Old Testament were told they would die if they gazed upon the Lord directly. Be sufficient, be content, be fulfilled in the moment. The truth you seek will come in the increment and form that suit you best. Truth is a coat of many colors, designed specifically to serve each person and their purpose. It is never limited to doctrine, but is to expand perception and consciousness. Like layers, or ripples on a pond, the truth builds upon itself.

Lesson Twenty: Just Breathe

Truth, like oxygen, is a vital nutrient for our body and spirit. While oxygen is essential for the integrity of the brain and the health of cells, the truth works in the same way for the integrity of the spirit. Oxygen purifies the blood stream; the truth purifies our stream of consciousness. Without either we die. It is known that mental tensions produce restricted and shallow breathing The same is true when we allow illusion to stress the spirit. Practice deep breathing and focus on the truth and your body and spirit will be sustained.

Lesson Twenty-One: When Visions Collide

Most people won’t have the exact same vision as you do. Remember that there are as numerous ideas as there are grains of sand. You must learn to discern the difference between an idea that is a different facet of your truth, and one that destroys the seeds of truth you sow. It will never be an easy job, given how we naturally gravitate toward sameness. Truth has many dimensions of which you may only see a few. Let light, love and faith in the truth you seek be your guide. Always remember that the process of expansion is uncomfortable and it takes time to broaden your perspective.

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