It’s not Easy Wearing White

pope whiteLet’s continue with How to be a Prophet..

Lesson Eight: The Long Lonliness

It is an often lonely experience to see, to know, and understand a truth that others do not. In many ways it is like seeing a color, or having an added sense that others do not share. Self containment is the skill that must be developed here. Since we are all part of a greater whole, it is up to you to be that sense for the rest of the body. It is a delicate balance to be part of something greater and yet not lose ones unique talent, or individual aspect that adds to the whole. The simple truth is that you are never alone, there is always someone who walks the same walk you do. Release the lonliness and step away from isolation and they will appear.

Lesson Nine: The Following Darkness

Once light begins to shine through you, it may also attract darkness. In an age of science and technology, it is easy to dismiss evil in its more traditional understanding as an irrational folly of the human imagination, or a human proposition. It is not. The language we choose to define it may change, but its substance stays the same. The wisest prophet never dismisses evil as a reality, they simply don’t feed into it. Parasidic in form, it thrives on fear. It grows only when fear takes hold of your life and deters you from your path. It may encircle you with others who are wrapped in darkness through fear, but the light of truth will always keep it at bay. Light can cancel out darkness, but there is nothing that can cancel out light.

Lesson Ten: It’s all part of the Job Description

Much of your work as the voice of truth, will be exerting patience with the limited understanding of people you come in contact with. More times than not, they will have no frame of reference to pull from when you speak your truth. Finding the words that parallel a truth with their experience is necessary. That is why Jesus taught in parables. They may not understand, or simply choose to disregard what you say. The most difficult part of being a prophet is to let go of those who, after so much time and energy is expended in teaching them, choose to continue down the wrong path. As a prophet, you never get to choose who presents themselves to you for the truth. There is comfort knowing that heaven is still watching over all you come in contact with.

Lesson Eleven: A Voice in the Wilderness

Sometimes it may appear that you are a voice in the wilderness. Fatefully, people may be drawn to you, seemingly ready to improve their quality of life as the result of your insight and yet all your wisdom may appear to fall on deaf ears. You may have an overwhelming desire to question your truth, your purpose, develop feelings of extreme frustration, and want to forget about the whole endeavour. Don’t. This is where faith in the mechanisms of heaven is a necessity. A tree comes from the smallest seed. Change takes time, patience and divine presence. Still, there may only be few who will listen. Note that the greatest changes didn’t have mass followings to begin with. They took root over time. Truth has a melody that cannot be forgotten…you will be heard.

Lesson Twelve: You Get What You Need

Does a parent give a child everything that they desire? A good one does not. Desire for things that fulfill the ego can be a hinderance to the truth. When a prophet takes on fame, two things generally happen: 1) The person takes precedence over the truth that is shared and becomes the focal point, or 2) The person willingly to forgoes all the temptations that fame brings for the sake of the truth they bring. Those whose ego becomes inflated with fame, suffer greatly when trials come, because the attacks are generally directed toward the person rather than the idea. Those prophets who stand behind the truth can survive anything because they have embraced the fruits that the truth brings and not the fruits of wealth and popularity.

Lesson Thirteen: All Things, Great and Small

Goodness is understood and fostered through small movements. Greatness will always be predicated by a history of embracing the goodness in every moment. Never underestimate how a small act can influence future greatness. Nothing comes out of thin air. Pay attention and learn to recognize these influential moments.

Lesson Fourteen: The Freedom of Resolve

The hardest part of making a decision, is the action of choosing and then moving onto the pathway of that choice. There is a certain freedom in beginning to simply walk toward a goal. Remember that freedom when you are tempted to look backward at where you began, and use it to overcome that temptation. Never look behind you. Keep embracing the beauty of walking forward and believe that the path will continually evolve toward the goal you are seeking. Be resolute in your movement…never hesitant.

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