Anticipating the Apocalypse

I already know that I’m prone to being a drama queen…and yet that preordained quality is nothing compared to all the crazy rantings I’ve heard from both sides about what will happen if the “other” side wins (Wisconsin is a battle ground state).  It reminds me EXACTLY of the time in 8th grade when I was a cheerleader and we lost the basketball championships, oh my goodness the tears and the belief that life would never be the same, and how could we possibly come back from this kind of loss?  Really? you may be asking, and I say with all the drama that capital letters can convey, “YES”  Whomever gets elected will be our president…period.  And with that title comes great responsibility, and whose success depends on the American people stepping out of their own way and working together…even if it is with people you don’t like, and especially with people who are vastly different from yourself.  I know we can do it because of how we’ve come together in the past when faced with dire circumstances…proved once again at the great response to the hurricane Sandy victims.  I’m sure you are a patriotic American, and those on the aisle opposite of where you stand are Americans too.  The fact that they may approach how to help this country differently doesn’t mean the four horses of the apocalypse are on their way.  A healthy tension between ideologies has always benefited this country and it still will if you can hold onto your wits, and actively become part of the solution, whatever it may be.  Heck, it may mean that next time around you may get more involved, or even become a candidate yourself.  I think that’s great.  But what I fear will happen is that the divide will become even greater and whatever side loses will do everything in their power to make sure that whoever wins can never be successful.  That my friends is equivalent of the emotional tirades of a teenager with much more dire consequences.

As for the those who have perpetuated such scurrilous and misleading propaganda because it feeds into a sick belief that to choose one camp means the other must come straight from Satan himself, well you will reap what you sow.  Sinking to my most adolescent level, it would mean that you will fall prey to the same kind of horrible lies that you’ve perpetuated.  Regardless of who you vote for, I would like to simply say that I think both candidates are good men, who love their country and their families.  Running for the great office of the President of these United States is something that most of us could and would never rise do, and they deserve our respect.  Period.  Disagree ideologically, but who are any of us to condemn them as men?  I’m tired of getting called by super-pacs, and a host of other organizations who try to fear me into electing their candidate…what are we five?  We as a populace, have to be better than that…or any impending apocalypse will be on our shoulders for being so easily swept into a mob that is no better than the vitriol that fuels it.

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