Simple Logic


According to Wikipedia…important qualities of logical systems include:

Consistency, validity, soundness, and completeness

Among the important properties that logical systems can have:

  • Consistency, which means that no theorem of the system contradicts another.[12]
  • Validity, which means that the system’s rules of proof will never allow a false inference from true premises. A logical system has the property of soundness when the logical system has the property of validity and only uses premises that prove true (or, in the case of axioms, are true by definition).[12]
  • Completeness, of a logical system, which means that if a formula is true, it can be proven (if it is true, it is a theorem of the system).
  • Soundness, the term soundness has multiple separate meanings, which creates a bit of confusion throughout the literature. Most commonly, soundness refers to logical systems, which means that if some formula can be proven in a system, then it is true in the relevant model/structure (if A is a theorem, it is true). This is the converse of completeness. A distinct, peripheral use of soundness refers to arguments, which means that the premises of a valid argument are true in the actual world

Now, click on the above link: “inconsistency” and revel in the lack of logic they use regarding personal choice.  I tell you it makes me crazy!  Personally, I am pro-life.  I do recognize life at conception.   Because of that belief, I also chose to abstain from sex until marriage….simply because I wanted to be consistent…as crazy as that may have seemed to anybody else.   It seemed a little reckless for me to make a statement about the sanctity of life and then engage in behavior that refuted that notion.  That said, I also know that most of the people in my circle didn’t necessarily agree with me, and that was perfectly fine…because I also believe in the sanctity of personal choice.  The personal and intimate decisions of reasonable adults regarding with whom and when to have sex, and what to do about an unwanted pregnancy, should never involve the government.  Period.  And as much as I have a clear personal philosophy about life and sexual behavior, I would defend the right for every person to choose for themselves what their own philosophy is even if it is contrary to mine.  I may seem bat shit crazy to some, but I will always be consistent in my craziness and the ensuing behavior to the best of my ability, and when I fail I can take comfort that my 5 second karmic turnaround will be there to bitch slap me back into consistency once again.

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