Shearing Sampson

So, I decided in a rare moment of spontaneity yesterday to add a little “fierce” to my day and donated 10 inches of my hair to locks of love.  It was relatively easy.  I didn’t feel the strength leach out of my body, nor was my identity and sex appeal lost when my stylist cut off that pony tail.  I was actually amazed at how much length was left over…I never really thought about how long my hair was.  Steve’s first words were “Thank God”…and when he saw that I had frowned deep enough to conjoin my brow, he frantically tried to back pedal…(he will never, ever win the suave award).  Neither of my sons noticed right away, which again is validation for my judgement that they live in their own universes all of the time.  I feel lighter both literally and figuiratively…who knew hair could weigh my head down so much.  All in all, I am happy with my choice, hair will grow back…unless my burgeoning fierceness moves me to something else.  Who knows, maybe next I’ll get a tatoo…

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