Summer Moon

I took this picture of the summer moon at our first baseball game of the season over the weekend.  This is the kind of day that will reside in my memory and sustain me during the next long cold winter like the one we just struggled through.  It was a sunny and hot, glorious day.  Everyone was glowing from the sun and the warm weather.  We spent the day celebrating my neices’ recent highschool graduations, the end of yet another school year (and a deep soul-sigh from me that my youngest son made it through middle school) and the first real opportunity to use our pool.  It was as if all the anticipation was finally over.  I didn’t realize how hard this past winter was until those first tunes started playing over the sound system while I floated on an air mattress on the water and my face broke into a Cheshire cat smile that was literally stuck there the whole weekend.  I can breathe again.  Even with the sweat dripping down my back…I didn’t care that it was hot.  I vow to relish it and remember the cold and how much it wore me down.  Curiously, though, I don’t know if I would have appreciated this past weekend had I not been drug through cold of the 9th circle of hell.  I am reminded why I live here in the first place…so I can rediscover this great feeling of relaxation all over again.  It was a very good day.


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