Sunspots,  resulting from intense magnetic activity on the sun are often seen as a dark spot because the temperature is cooler than the surrounding area.  Solar flares, or sudden outbursts of energy, are usually seen around or as a result of sunspot activity and often disrupt satellite and communication systems.  These phenomenon all too well offer the perfect metaphor for my psyche these days.  I am a sunspot, feeling drawn to and repelled by so many things that I seem to incite small explosions of energy all around me, resulting in a whole lot of breakdowns in communication.  To akin my psyche as a black dot on a bright surface is more literal than metaphorical at present.  Being surrounded by a cloak of testosterone all day long, the craziness of the weather, the fragile economy and political climate not only offend my propensity for common sense but, like the magnetic activity on the sun, compel revulsion and devotion all at the same time.  Like many of the unusual weather patterns we’re experiencing, my psyche feels the onslaught of new emotional weather patterns as well.  Things seem to be changing faster in my world than my ability to adapt reasonably to them.   The struggle to run a business and manage a home and family are challenges on the best of days, add to it the present climate (both figuratively and literally) and it is a wonder I keep my delicate sanity in tact.  I know that sunspot activity is cyclical too,and am comforted that the craziness will pass…and it is my hope that my own personal sunspot activity will calm down in like fashion.  Faith is my stronghold, and the knowledge that God will always have a better imagination than I do, so I better find a way to enjoy the ride.

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