Who’s Stronger

Most of the time I disregard all the male postering in my house, primarily because I really don’t care who’ stronger.  Once in awhile, though I simply have stand up for myself.  Even though all the men in my house tower over me, and are active in sports doesn’t mean the only role I play is to be a spectator.  After my youngest son’s final baseball tournament, he was mocking me because he didn’t think I had a clue how hard a workout baseball is.  What doesn’t seem to register is that his mother works out hard at the gym too.  So I challenged him to a push up contest…one I easily won because I do my push ups religiously…I just don’t brag about it.  Yes, he was embarrassed, and maybe I shouldn’t have had to prove myself to my 13-year-old son, but I thought a dose of humility was appropriate.  I am a mother and a wife, but I am so much more than a domestic and administrative servant.   I felt the need to show them that there are other facets to who I am as a woman.  Next time, I think he might be more careful when he puffs his chest out and issues a challenge.  Like I’ve said before, I may be small…but I’m scrappy.

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