Dear Mr. Obama

When you were elected, I had this very vivid dream of standing by a deep river with a crowd of people.  From the river, a huge American Eagle emerged that almost looked like it was from a Monet painting muted, and not fully detailed.  It flew straight up and then arced to the west.  The crowd was is awe and a bit afraid, but I calmed their fears by saying that this eagle was truly powerful and if they were simply careful it would not harm them.   I felt like this was a good omen for our country and our future, power but not quite fully formed.  I remember how glorious the inauguration was and how respectful and hopeful the huge crowd was.

I feel differently today, not because you’re doing a bad job, but because quite frankly, holding the office of the presidency at this point in time looks almost impossible to do well, kind of like climbing a mountain without protection and carrying the weight of the country on your back.  I won’t speak for anybody else, but I think walking in your shoes isn’t even remotely fathomable.  I can’t begin to imagine the shock of being privy to the true state of the union, which I’m sure most people couldn’t begin to handle.  People are angry and afraid, and looking for someone to blame…which in my mind, is the center of the problem.

I could expound for a while on the apathy, the immorality and the general aptitude for complete abdication of any personal responsibility whatsoever of the citizenry but I won’t.  What I would like, Mr Obama, is for you to put on the ferocity and regality of that American Eagle I saw in my dream.  People should be angry and afraid…but not at you.  We are where we are cumulatively largely as a result of  those aforementioned vices.  I am a hardworking American, but I also recognize that I am simply one of the masses of this great country of ours, the benefits of which were attained for me on the backs of other great Americans.  We did not become this great nation by pointing the finger, and we will not fix those issues that plague us unless we all work together.  You should challenge, no, get angry at those politicians who run on a platform of blame and partisan behavior.  Last time I checked we were supposed to be a melting pot, rising above our differences to form a more perfect union, not one that suits personal agendas.  Let the naysayers rale and blame; it’s always easier to sit in judgement than offer tough solutions.  We elected you, you have the bird’s eye view of our nation and we should respect that.  You can command that respect, you were elected afterall by not only the popular vote, but the electoral vote…unlike our predecessor.  Let go of your midwestern nice and let your inner Lombardi come out…when the going gets tough, the tough get going…they don’t have a hissy fit about it and whine about what’s not fair. 

The last thing I have to say, and already I am sorry for it, is that I am tired of stupid people.  I am tired of dealing with people who want everything without the responsibility that follows.  I am tired of bad information that is passed as fact, whose sole purpose is to rile people up and keep them from listening to reason.  I am tired of people who personify the government as evil, but enjoy the boon of benefits it offers.  I am tired of politicians who reek of moral depravity that somehow believe that they shouldn’t have to follow the same rules everybody else does.  Mostly, I am just tired, and need to be inspired.  So please, Mr. Obama inspire me, bring back the awe I felt in the beginning.  I know we are in a mess, I really do.  Challenge us to straighten up and straighten out and we’ll get through it.

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