In my household of men, I rarely claim the right…to be right.  The reason lies more in avoiding the ensuing flare up of a testosterone fueled game of circuitous logic that, in their minds anyway, justify why they stand as king of an argument…even in the face of glaring proof that they indeed, are not.  Yesterday, though, my ability to deal with complete backassward insanity blew like Krakatoa.  The rant was long overdue, and unfortunately revolved around the kind of unfettered spending that I see as a just a small microcosm of  a larger national macrocosm.  Simply put, you can not rage against the irresponsible spending and self-serving behavior of our government all the while, your own behavior is IDENTICAL to that which you are raging against.  You can rationalize all you want.  If you don’t have the money…DON’T SPEND LIKE YOU DO!  It shouldn’t be that hard to understand, given the amount of debt that is accrued if you don’t.  I know I’m not perfect, really I do.  Occasionally we all fall victim to the pull of consumerism…but then we come to our senses and go without something for a while to compensate.  Not the men that live in my house.  No, they think someone else should suffer because they don’t have control over personal funds.  So I blew.  It was not pretty.  There are cracks in the ship.  And water is leaking in.  Once the ash settles and our sight is clear, maybe a lesson will be learned.  I do know that right now, it is pretty quiet around my house, a rarity in any situation.  Me, I’m good with silence, especially after I’ve had my say.  You can, afterall, only reap what you’ve sown…nothing more.

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