All Tied Up

It has happened to me before and I didn’t like it then, but this time…when some miscreant accessed my computer and infected it with a horrible virus, well let’s just say it brought out the warrior in me.  I can’t begin to describe the hours spent trying to rid my computer, my access to cyber space, of this menace…so I won’t.  What I will do, is recognize how well I handle a crisis like this, knowing when my expertise isn’t enough and having no problem whatsoever reaching out to, literally, a whole team of fine East Indian fellows for help.  Of course it was worth the $90 to have them get into my computer and fix it…I actually would have blindly done a lot more, had they asked…but like a good doctor, they just wanted to heal my machine.  Perhaps this is a sign of how we’ve begun to de-evolve into finding new ways to wage war on our own species.  We already have bacterial warfare, why not viral cyber warfare.  I ask why me?  I really have nothing they would want, except to royally screw up my life and turn daily activities into more of a tailspin that they actually are.  The invisible “them” simply gave me a lesson in problem solving and improving my awareness of their kind, who would be so much better off using their talents for good and not for the darkside…haven’t they seen Star Wars?  Maybe I’m being tongue in cheek, but today, I am writing virus free and much wiser for it.  Raspberries to you cyber criminals….

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