For the last couple of weeks I’ve been thinking a lot about dancing, and how much the precision and beauty of it relies on an internal sense of rhythm as well as learning to hear the beat of the music that is playing.  The music must inspire our bodies to move with its flow, and for many people, that is the most difficult part.  Perhaps that ‘s why so much of dancing is done with low lights, or barely any light at all.  People are afraid they would be judged for our awkward attempt at interpreting the music.  It really shouldn’t be, though.  I remember how my children used to dance with abandon when they were little, these days, they pale at the thought of it.  Maybe that’s how fearful many people are about moving through life, we hear the beat of the music, our internal sense tells us to move…but then it stops there because we don’t want to be judged for it.  That makes me sad.  Perhaps if we let ourselves move to the music within, more of our problems would simply disappear.  This week I know I’ve felt judged a few times for how I move through life and I don’t like it…but it certainly doesn’t mean I’ll stop moving.  I’m not sure anyone hears the same rhythm that I do, so I’m responsible to move to the music I hear.  Most of my downfall lies in remembering to stop and listen, to really hear the melody and remove the white noise that covers the beat of my soul.  When I can’t hear, I don’t know how to move, and I end up stepping on toes.  That and moving through life dancing is so much more interesting that stiffly marching forward.

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