Excremental Vision

Although this picture was taken in the throes of winter, when I think of hell, I think of this moment stuck in -30 degrees farenheit.  Dante wasn’t all wrong when his final circle of hell was portrayed as ice.  After my poopy day, I decided that having excremental vision was similar…just remove the ice from my hair and eyelashes and replace it with poo.  I think we can all learn from the shit that happens in our lives.  I learned the other day that I’m intolerant of other people’s stupidity, which isn’t always a good thing.  I attribute this to my high aptitude for common sense…like appreciating simple cause and effect.  For example, if you eat fast food all the time, your health will deteriorate, and it isn’t a defect in the new car that hurts your back, it’s because you’re too fat to fit behind the steering wheel without moving the seat back at an awkward angle…and just because you were a star running back in highschool doesn’t mean that 35 years later, you can still consider yourself physically fit.   I usually have no sympathy for someone like that, and I felt foul afterwards.  How can you help someone who refuses to see the real picture?  Well, you can’t with my no filter approach.  So I used my excremental vision to ease him toward a better explanation and swallow the sassy remarks that oh so begged to roll off my tongue.  You can move people more with honey than vinegar.  We all have our blind spots, where the poo covers our sight.  I’m hoping that by seeing through others I will have a clearer recognition of my own.

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