Sometimes, there is no better word to describe the totality of my feelings in a day for just about everything….than the word, poop.  I’m tired of dealing with other people’s excess poop because no one taught them how to clean up for themselves…literally and figuratively.   You consume it, you deal with what comes after.  The crappier the quality of what you take in, the more disgusting the waste…end of story.  It is also what is spewing out the mouths of many individuals trying to justify bad choices of consumption…to teachers, though your children are in the throes of puberty, without a properly functioning frontal lobes, and are actually supposed to be distracted and immature, you are a trained and paid professional so deal with it,  and to the 13 year-old who while has limited emotional functioning…if you continue to disrespect said professionals, the end result will not be good..even a dog can understand that, and to the grown adult who is begging for the “magic hands” of the doctor who won’t schedule until I check his insurance for him even though the phrase “his insurance” is a clear indication that it is within the realm of his responsibility and not mine and when I smile at his comment “I certainly ain’t gonna pay for it” it wasn’t out of politeness it was because I already know he will pay….big time and that gives me some solace.  On a global level, after seeing what our gulf looks like after millions of gallons of oil spew into it, it is hard to not see our future in the same brown colored poopy hue.  And finally to all the poop that is lodged within my sinuses…you’re taking my off my A game…so beware of the salt water I am blowing up there and the vitamins and minerals I am consuming because your time to plug me up is limited.  The upswing to this general malaise?  At least I know that I’m not full of it.

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