Beyond the enormous attention this holiday gets, it should also be a reminder that, at least from a rudimentary level, the war against evil has largely been won.  I think people forget that with this great sacrifice comes an even greater gift…grace.  That means that with faith, nothing can come between us and God.  With God, there is no distinction between religion…because his grace needs no instruction book, ceremony, doctrine or formula.  Human beings may need them to learn how to live in grace…but God isn’t constricted by those human, albeit divinely inspired, constructions.  So, while I struggle to understand the great impact of this gift in my life,  God will continue to work wonders regardless of my failures.  I’m not blind to the pain of this world…I see it every day, but I challenge all of us to ponder whether we have had faith in Christ’s gift.  If we did, we would worry less about doctrine and celebrate the kingdom that lies within us more.  We would worry less about the power of evil and discover the impenetrable shield of grace on its effect.  Faith is the key, though…doubt is the one thing that can break through that protective armor.  So celebrate the gift of grace and find comfort in its protection.

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