Did Anyone Learn Anything in Kindergarten?

Seriously, I feel like we are tossing pearls before swine with this new healthcare bill.  I know it is illegal to yell fire in a crowded theater, and some of the commentary about the bill should be treated the same way.  I am disgusted by all the political bullshit…yes I don’t often swear, but this is one of those times.  I tried to read portions of the bill, and get as much information about the changes coming.  EVERY response I heard was nothing but clear misinformation by people who we elect to speak for us, it appears they are more concerned over a particular party’s agenda, or getting re-elected.  I have never felt so disgusted in my life.  Do any of these politicians remember the basics about behavior and decorum?  Everything about this bill that has created controversy is as much a result of what all of us, because we are a republic afterall, allowed to go wrong with this system in the first place.  I applaud Mr. Obama for the courage to move ahead and take all the crap that may be coming your way.  I wish the senate would have challenged the constitutionality of dumping all that money into a war that was predicated on a belief in WMD’s  when that claim was laid false, or how about the collapse of the economy that has cost us billions?  The fault lies as much in the inability to take responsibility for our actions.  It isn’t an us against them situation.  The republican control of the white house was as much to blame for the mess we are in as anybody and they are the first to point the finger.  I can’t watch the news anymore because I’m so sick of the sanctimony and lies that are coming out of these politician’s mouths.  It’s exhausting listening to them.  They fuel people’s fears wrongly.  We made the mess and it needs to be cleaned up…by everyone, not just those who are happy with the status quo.  This system is irrevocably broken and needs to be fixed…NOW.  It won’t be cheap, but it certainly won’t be as painful as many are making out to be.  I do challenge people to stop watching the political speeches and get informed.  Second and third hand information is not only worth nothing, it’s dangerous and will not lead to the truth.  So America, get off your ass and Fox news and investigate…with an open mind, and not as if you were in a debate.

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