Yes, I’m Irish

Today marks the one day of the year when I wear my heritage flagrantly with pride.  You just can’t wear enough green or beads on this day.  I never have to actually tell people I’m Irish, given the color of my hair and eyes, and I suppose for those who know me, my feisty personality makes me pretty much the poster child for all things celtic.  I don’t mind, for the most part.  People assume I indulge in the drink, and I really don’t…mostly because, perhaps also due to genes, I don’t seem to metabolize alchohol.  I’ve never been drunk in my life…and many people have tried, really they have.  I do, celebrate this day with a pint or two, regardless of the crazyness and happily, for the Irish have added such depth and sprituality, frivolity and feeling to the human race.  St. Patrick wasn’t even, and I’m sure gave more to spirituality in Ireland than just ridding it of snakes…so to the patron saint of my people…Thank-you and pray for us.

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