It’s funny how I obsess about air and breathing these days, because, well..I can’t.  I will never watch an asthma commercial dispassionately again.  I actually catch myself watching how people are breathing.  Some people breath in and out through their stomaches…others up and down through their shoulders.  And I do see people hold their breath alot…I don’t know if it’s to keep their stomach taught, or because of stress, but it kind of freaked me out.  I guess the best way to breath is to lay flat, and put your hand on your stomach and if it rises and your chest stays still you are doing it correctly.  Since it’s usually automatic, I never give it much thought…until my lungs started acting like rebellious teens and wanted to run out on their own.  To calm them down, I’ve been very conscious to slow down my breathing and make sure my shoulders stay level.  It actually eases the pain a bit and I don’t scare small children and animals with my wolfish bark.  So today, besides enjoying temperatures way above freezing, I will breathe slowly and correctly and visualize nice pretty, well-behaved lungs, and not the ugly, black leather wearing renegades that are inside me right now.

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