I have to apologize for being  absent, both literally and mentally this last week or two, I have been fighting this lung thing and it has sucker punched me into submission.  It seems that when you’re sick, there are things your body refuses to do…like expand my lungs without effort, and then with a sudden convulsion have them try to jump outside my chest cavity and see the world on their own instead of staying nice and pretty within the walls of my ribcage.   I haven’t been able to exercise, or go out, or sleep or eat, which pretty much covers everything…accept working, cooking, the picking up and dropping off and committees and tournaments and birthday present shopping…you get the drift, pretty much all the work stuff.  I reek of that disinfectant hand gel and halls mentholyptus cough drops.  I can’t remember ever being sick in my lungs like this, so I am shocked at my Lauren Bacall voice and oh so sexy hacky cough.  So, hopefully my humor and observation skills will come back soon.  Oh, and I included my family crest…I guess we were from a long line of physicians to the king…a bit ironic actually.

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