Calling on Angels

So, for what ever the reason, I have been thinking a lot about angels this week.  As a theologian, I never really gave them much thought, except as part of the history and background of my faith, but certainly not an important element of it.  Since the sacrifice of Christ and the grace bestowed by that act, what more do we need?  Perhaps it is more the day-to-day struggle with life on this planet that we need help with.  The deal on eternal life may be sealed, but there certainly seems like there is still plenty to do in this world when it comes to building the Kingdom of God.  Most of the time I move forward a bit blindly, hoping that I understand God’s direction, but when there are so many out there interpreting the good word to support their own particular brand of truth, I do get confused some times.  Like, why don’t angels intervene when pedophiles are on the loose or murders and rapists, let alone just very stupid and mean people who taint the word of God all the time, by implying that the devil is the one responsible for all the bad deeds in the world.  Last time I checked we still had free will.  Anyway, I’ve never really encountered one…but I have talked to intelligent people who feel they have.  And I would really like to meet an angel, seriously I really would.  I’m not speaking of those angelic type people…there have been plenty of those kind of stories, but the supernatural servant of God types that are meant to serve us on the road back to God.  So, here I go…”Hey angels, a little help please?”

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