River Valley Swim Club

Here is my son Connor, with his new swim team cap, the swim team that I and 4 other families have worked to exhaustion to start in our home town.  There are certifications, hiring a head coach, insurance, promotions, advertising, equipment and a host of other essentials to start up the River Valley Dragons.  Providence has been on our side so far, everything has fallen into place so perfectly it is as if the universe is rooting for us.  Of course that’s how I see it.  Others are freaking out because we didn’t get the 30 we envisioned to register (which happened five months sooner than we anticipated and we had to do a quickie registration the week before Christmas break), that our budget  is tight etc. etc.  I keep doing a double take, wondering what did they think would happen?  Are we such a society of immediate gratification that a slower progression feels like failure?  The kids are happy, we just signed on another assistant coach, and our next registration will be alot more planned out.  Good things come to those who plan and build bit by bit.  I think the new swim cap will help all the kids at practice, see that theyare part of a new team.  Getting the rest of the grown ups to follow may take a little more effort.

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