I wear an Omega symbol around my neck because, beyond the religious implications, I always have the end in mind when I think of how to approach a situation.  What would I like the end result to be?  That is when I visualize the best possible outcome and build from there.  Even if, at the time, what I envision in my mind is completely implausible from a “reasonable person’s” standpoint.  I figure that God has a much better imagination than mine so I should practice envisioning more and feeling trapped less.  Then every movement I make in a day has a greater purpose…to achieve that end.  In the moment when I haven’t a clue as to how they will all blend together?  I trust the universe does and simply offer my willingness to play a part.  I acknowledge how limited I am as a small human being in this world, but never doubt that my willingness to move into the unknown and ability to see forward in a dire situation are necessary ingredients in ultimate success.  Sometimes knowing too much about the road to get there is just too oppressing.  Today I see the movie in my head and throw myself into the tasks of living knowing that somehow, somewhere it’s all connected.

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