As Grey as the Day

Today was just one of those days, the kind where it is just a better idea to never get out from under the covers…because if you do, you know it can’t be good.  On these days, it would be good to have an intersect in my brain, like the television show “Chuck” to download answers to all the problems that were sure to be shoved in my face.  I wouldn’t have to worry, the answer would immediately upload and I would act accordingly with all the grace and savoir faire of an intenational spy.  But alas, it isn’t so.  I have to use my own God given brain matter to attenuate the greyness of the weather and my mood and impending conflicts.  There is much to do in this day that requires me to tap into the reservoirs of good thoughts I usually keep close to counteract these moments.  Being born without the bullshit gene is a handicap at this moment, because I just don’t do fake.  I hope to God noone asks me how I am, because I’ll have to pull a piece of ducktape over my mouth just to hold in the whine.  At this moment, I am focusing on the take out chinese and a large glass of red wine that I will consume to celebrate the end of this day.  Tomorrow will be better.

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