Let it Snow

As much as this Monday was full of strife, complaints about Medicare, and bills, and property taxes, and bills and teenage testosterone and too much to do with not enough time, I did take a moment and sipped on a latte and stared out the window with my quiet music in the background and immersed myself in the quiet for about 1/2 hour.  It was pure goodness in world of created strife.  It is a paradox, this world of so much technology and knowledge, and less and less spiritual wisdom.  We waste so much energy on not having enough, whether it’s time, money or material comforts.  I’m tired of listening to the woes of people unwilling to trust in the faith they so readily lay claim to when talking about an issue like gay marriage or abortion.  In a universe where the brilliant design of a snowflake quietly marks a difficult day with a measure of hope, we should all learn to trust that perhaps the things that seem lacking maybe are the exact things that we need to let go of so that we have the funds available for what we really need.  There is order in the universe that is fighting for survival, but we have been so misled into what we think order should like that when it is offered to us, we don’t recognize it.  I have faith in the design of a snowflake, and it the eyes of the Creator of the Universe his design for me is as beautiful, even if it isn’t always apparent to me.

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