And I Will Smile

We just hired a lovely young woman at our office a couple of weeks ago, and found out she had to leave already to take care of a sick grandmother.  It’s hard to finally see a reprieve in my life and to just start to relax and have it taken away so abruptly.  I know she struggled to find a job for months, she is from Puero Rico and is still learning English, but is so willing to learn and work hard that when one of our patients recommended her we jumped at the chance.  She was thrilled to be finally given an opportunity, and was devastated to have to lose it…but her choice was for family which makes her even more honorable in my eyes.  I am truly thankful for the blessings that we do have, and even though I have to keep my multi-tasking skills at warp speed…I will smile and pray this is one of those roads that, even though unseemly at the moment, will eventually get me where I need to go.  Good Luck Lucy!

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