Trying Something New

083As sometimes happens in the world…shit happens. I fell down the steps on Sunday, and miracle of miracles, I am no worse for wear, except that my big toe took the brunt of it, and a bruised knee. I had gotten a spring pedicure, and my feet were still slippery from the oil, rubbed on them with loving care. I had felt great, the weather was amazing, the sun spectacular…and in my moment of a relaxing sigh, my oily foot and the wood from our steps sent me flying. While I sat splayed out on the floor, I was sure I had broken something and the first thought in my mind was: “Is this the adrenaline that is pumping through my body to keep me from feeling pain?” Cause I whomped hard. It wasn’t graceful or pretty. I tentatively stood, and realized that I was fine, except for my big toe. So I’ve been relegated to wearing flip flops for the next few days, which isn’t all bad. I drew a smiley face on the nail, which also didn’t chip, to remind myself that perhaps I am being angelically held up after all.

So I changed things around, and tried a new look. I hope you like it.

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