Finding Fun

the original paintingMy paintingYes, its been awhile….but I was taught that if you can’t say something nice, or at least of substance, don’t say anything at all.  I think this ungodly winter just did me in.  So I tried to find fun in cooking new things, reading good books and writing a play I’ve started. And while those things certainly are proactive ways to hold on to the little sanity I have left, they really weren’t that noteworthy. Last night, though, I was lucky enough to delve back into the fun kind of art that we used to do as kids, (except with wine).  There is this place where you can go with a group of friends and drink wine and paint a replica of a famous painting.  What  blast!  I have not picked up a paint brush since high school, and while I am still without talent, I do remember how much fun it was mixing colors and splashing them on a canvas.  It was pure fun and I highly recommend it to everyone!  I have never promoted anything here, but this is worth it, the name of the company is Cheers Pablo, if you simply want to unleash your inner child and experience laughter and pure joy, Google it.  The first painting is the original, the next is me hiding behind mine…

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