Finding the Answer, Part III

So, is truth immutable and absolute?  I’m not sure, given that human limitations probably keep us from fully comprehending the implications of that statement.  Is the color blue still blue in the dark?  Because color is dependent on light and the reflection and absorption of its waves to produce a color in the spectrum, perhaps the truth of the color blue only exists in the realm of potential until light shines upon it.  Truth, like color, depends on exposure to light in much the same way.  The first challenge is to face with courage, the difficulty in shining light onto all aspects of a problem.  Truth is never one-dimensional, which means we will never comprehend it by shining a light onto it from only one angle.  Sometimes the greatest aspects of truth lie hidden, buried in shadow because we are too afraid to admit to our selves that the answer we seek, once uncovered, is nothing like we expected it to look like.  More importantly, seeing something from multiple dimensions forces us to disregard old assumptions that won’t hold up anymore, given an expanded viewpoint.  We are the changing element.  The development of higher level thinking intensifies the light we shed into understanding the truths of this world…and dissipates the fear that shadows bring.

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