Enter…My worst nightmare

Yesterday, I began my usual morning activities at our clinic, starting with administration and data before our first patients come in at 7:00 am.  I logged onto our bank’s website to check on our credit card deposits and lo and behold when I got to our account, I saw that it was many zeros overdrawn….and I mean a lot of decimal points.  Imagine a cartoon character, who upon extreme surprise eyes bug right out of their heads…only imagine my eyes bulging and bursting into red hot coals of doom.  Mental note: order an emergency defibrillator for the office to restart the heart that exploded out of my chest and smacked onto the windshield of  our first patient driving up to our door.  I call for Steve and as he looks at the screen, he can’t comprehend what he is looking at.  His face goes white and asks, “What does that mean? Did you buy something?”  Shoot, I guess that diamond encrusted face paper for the chiropractic beds wasn’t the best spontaneous choice after all.  Of course I didn’t buy anything…I’m not the spender in this relationship.  So for over and hour and a half of agonizing over having our identity stolen to “someone’s” secret life….until the bank opened…our lives were in utter disarray.  When we got the bank president on the phone, he was his chipper self, and because I know he is not Simon Legree, I asked to look up our account and see if he saw anything unusual.  “Hmm” he said, “that’s weird.”  And while my inner petulant child wanted to reassure him that it was not simply just weird and I have the stained shorts to prove it, I said…”Got any thoughts?”  It turned out to be a glitch, thankfully there is not some hacker living large at my expense.  I haven’t felt that kind of relief since passing the bar exam, but it was even more intense because it forced me to look down “that” path, the one that many Americans…hell, many humans are forced to look down lately.  What does one do who loses everything?  Hold onto integrity and pride, and turn around 360 to get a broader perspective and humbly, rely on the good will of others?  Who knows…except today, I’ve cringed about 100 times, just like I do when I see a very big spider…one who can’t ultimately hurt me, but gives me the willies nevertheless.  Chalk this one up to being grateful…before I start my daily tasks.

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