Yesterday, Steve turned 50…yes I married a younger man.  Yesterday he came with me on my errands and we stopped by one of his old watering holes to have lunch.  It was a day to reminisce and think about his first 50 years and be thankful for his blessings.  When I think back on my first 50, I was struck that more than two-thirds of it were spent before my relocation to Wisconsin and had my family.  My sons are constantly amazed when I bring up one of the experiences and expeditions of my past.  Yesterday, while picking up my son from school with opera on the satellite station, I mentioned that I had worked for an opera company and my son, flabbergasted said, “God is there anything that you haven’t done?”  I paused and said, “I’ve never killed anyone, been arrested or slept with George Clooney”, to which he replied, let’s hope they’re not on your bucket list….

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