Finally, some Snow

Blizzards in Oklahoma and Texas and having absolutely no snow and seasonable warm temperatures here in Wisconsin?  The world certainly seems all cattywampus.  Fearing that we would have a brown Christmas isn’t usually on my list of stressers…and then this morning out my window the first dusting began, and now I can’t even see the water tower in our town.  I’m not holding my breath though, because the weather guy has predicted an afternoon high of 37 degrees.  I can’t believe how much this little bit of snow has uplifted my spirits!  I guess much of the special qualities of this season are tied to a winter environment.  I love the smell and crispness of the air, and the light reflecting off the snow at night, so when I take my night-time winter walks, I can see clearly.  Up until now, it has been so dark and gloomy that even the town lights and decorations can shift the barrenness of the terrain here.  But I got a great gift today, even if it won’t last the weekend, for a moment the white is exactly what I needed.

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