Bell’s Palsy

I have been struggling with auto-immune problems for a while now, and this weekend I started experiencing the symptoms of bell’s palsy…which you can google for specifics but in a general sense it means that the major facial nerve on the left side of my face is inflamed leaving me with minor facial paralysis.  Yes, it sucks to be me right now, but I’m trying to remain calm because stress can definitely make it worse.  I will have all the necessary blood tests to rule out lymes and other diseases, but I quietly chalk it up to a year of increasing difficulties with food allergies, inflammation, thyroid issues etc.  While the ARP treatments I have been receiving have helped my bio-mechanical trouble from my spondylolisthesis, it appears I have a larger battle on the inside.  I do appreciate your prayers and I am thankful for the great support I am receiving right now….thank God I finished my Christmas shopping early!

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