Drunk on Hyacinth

In a flurried trip to Wal-Mart…which is usually done with my gaze averted, because 85% of the “Wal-Mart People” pictures travelling around the internet must frequent the Wallmart in my area… I was suddenly overwhelmed with the most intoxicating smell.  I slowly raised my gaze to a table full of beautiful purple plants.  I don’t really have a green thumb, but since the table was labeled, “hyacinth”  I figured that would be my new favorite flower.  I brought it with me to work, and it’s effect on all our patients was unbelievable.  Everyone stopped for a moment and asked what that new fresh smell was (just a note, I have aromatherapy candles going all day so it already smells great at our clinic).  It was the perfect introduction to Easter weekend, that glorious smell was the best evidence that the last vestiges of winter are finally gone, and spring has arrived in all her glory.  To be able to sit outside and enjoy Easter brunch with my family in beautiful warm weather just magnified the spirit of the day.  The world is truly resurrected.

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