So, I had these great thoughts about honing in on what the word “rich” truly means…and why it shouldn’t revolve around material things, you know it’s harder for a rich person to go through the eye of a needle than to get into heaven, and all sorts of anecdotes about true wealth is health, family and love in your life.  Then a sequence of events happened that changed the whole tenor of my musings, 1) I had one of several altercations with my teenagers ranging from cleaning the buggers off the wall in their bathroom..(I told them I didn’t care whose they were) not standing in the shower for a half hour doing nothing but soaking up all our natural resources and leaving nothing left for their parents to shower with; 2) Seeing Donald Trump on the Today show pontificating how sick he is of the world treating us badly and how he would tell China to go and stick it…(my paraphrase) all with his ridiculous comb over and the fact that he is richer than Mitt Romney is one reason that he is the better GOP candidate; and last, and not least 3) Sitting and waiting at the clinic on my day off waiting for FedEx to pick up a package that was supposed to be picked up at 9, and it’s now 1:00…( I could actually say screw it and wait until tomorrow, but said packages contains excrement for lab testing making it is very time sensitive…) 

So, when I think of riches in this moment, I think that  being truly rich means living in a world where people understand on a fundamental level that the success of this planet depends on 1) cleaning up your own mess, and doing it a way that saves resources for others: 2) understanding that extreme wealth is in no way equivalent to or remotely related to good leadership and 3): no matter how hard you plan, sometimes you get stuck…with shit.

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